Rat Glue Trays (48R Series)

Product Description

The finest rat and mouse trays available.  A result of years of research and development, as well as extensive input from our professional pest management partners.
The 48R is available with Hercules Putty to prevent dragging - even when a full grown adult Norway rat is intent on getting away.  All 48R Series Traps are guaranteed to be effective for one year when used under normal conditions*.
Trap Size: All 48R Series Traps are 10.25" X 5.25", (26.035cm x 13.335cm)
Packed: All 48R series have 48 traps per case.
* Extreme conditions include exposing traps to extended periods of temperatures that exceed 120 F, or exposure to excessively dusty areas.  Under such conditions, the traps will work but may not maintain its effectiveness for long periods.